Paris Poodles
Testimonials 1
We absolutely adore this little guy.  He's beginning
appreciated), is so polite and social out and about,
and is generally just a fantastic dog.  Our entire
vet's office adores him and squeals whenever he
comes in, and we get random people of all sorts
stopping us on the street to pet him.  

He's handled walking in downtown Vancouver,
going to the park, and everything in between with
great confidence and contentment.

Talk later,

Coquitlam BC
Bosun is doing wonderful.

He is a hansom and wonderfully affectionate boy. What a
character -he never ceases to amaze us.

At 41/2 months he`s sitting, staying, lying down, rolling  
over,and walking well on the leash.  

Everyone in town seems to know Bosun by now.

He`s a bit of a staple at work . We often visit  the  patients.  
He gets smiles and out-reached hands every where he

He approaches humans and other animals alike with open

His coat is changing from bright red to a deep rusty  
chestnut. It`s so neat to see. We can`t wait to see what
kind of  mature dog he`s going to be,(though we don`t want
to wish away his  puppy-hood!) his character seems to
develop by the day.

Summer`s here,  so we have hit the beach and Bosun has
experienced swimming in the chilly Pacific Ocean. He`s
very frisky when he comes out, and always manages  to
shake himself off by me!

He`s loving life, we`re loving him, and he`s  loving us right

Queen Charlotte Island
We will never be able to thank Paris Poodles  enough
for the wonderful start our pup received before he
came to live with us.  He was only 8 weeks when we
got him and he was already starting to respond to the
'sit' and 'come' command....not perfectly but you could
tell that he had been worked with.  

He slept through the night right from the first night that
he came home.....he has always slept in a crate beside
our bed.  

He is a happy, confident pup who loves to play, cuddle
and please the people around him.  If you are sitting on
the floor he is either on or beside you....he just loves
human contact.  He has brought a constant glow to our
lives.  When we were first searching for our new family
member we had found many breeders here in Ontario
but we just didn't get the same feeling from them.  
Joanne was always happy to answer any question I
had and continues to be a great contact for any
questions.  I can really tell with Joanne that it wasn't a
one time thing....we bought a pup and that was
that....she will be there for us and our pup in the future
to guide and give help when or were it is needed.  

Here are a couple of photos from the agility. They are a
little blurry as they were taken from far away. The woman
who teaches has been great but Sadie and I are not looking
so hot in our quest to become the next Top Dogs
champions :)  She is still not keen on the tunnels, despite
my regular crawling in with her and a variety of treats. It's
still fun though.

I've also been taking her to visit at the Hospice House
where my mom works as a nurse. Sadie responds really
well to both the patients and their families. She has such a
sweet personality, she just sits there looking to be petted.
My mom often gets asked when I'm bringing her in again.

Take care,

Penticton BC
A Paris Poodle at the Arctic Circle!
Bosun as a 8 week old puppy.......................Bosun as a 6 month old puppy!
It is already 2 weeks since we have
Kahlu. His character starts to show, and
we like what we see!

He is a confident, happy little guy.

Kaluh and Ripley are playing nicely most
of the times. Especially when I throw in a
toy. The tug toy we got from you comes in
very handy!

Isn't he a pretty boy! Kahlu is definitely a
quick learner. He already has a very good
recall and sits nicely.

Ripley is 4 months old. He is much finer
boned than Kahlu. Also he does not want
to step in puddles. Kahlu has no problem
with that, after all he is a Wet Coast boy!

Brigitte (the one with MPS- multiple
poodle syndrome)
Kahlu's Mom raises puppies for
the Canadian Guide Dogs.  The
black poodle, Ripley is a Guide
Dog she is raising.. the Red
puppy is Paris Poodles Kahlu.
                            September 2008
It is hard to believe it is 2 years since we picked up Kahlu in Horseshoe Bay. It is also hard to
believe you picked the perfect puppy for us. I am sure you are very busy with back to school
stuff, but I just had to write to you.

After a year of weekly Agility training we had our first competition yesterday. Kahlu brought
home 2 first and two second places. All off the four rounds he ran were qualifying runs.

Border Collies might be faster, but my poodle is way more reliable! I am usually very nervous
before competing, but Kahlu is so solid and calms me right down. My nervousness does not
transfer to him at all. We did two big road trips this Summer. One up to Dawson Creek and one
down to Arkansas. Kahlu always turned heads and behaved perfectly in all the hotels we stayed.
He loves riding in the car in his kennel. I still do weekly visits at a seniors home here. There
too Kahlu behaves perfectly and is a favorite with the seniors.

At yesterdays trial, some people asked how I picked this perfect dog for me. They were
amazed that his breeder picked him for me. I told you what I wanted and I surely got a dream
of a dog. He is an incredible athlete. We walk him off leash at least an hour every day. Once ,
sometimes twice a week of Agility training keeps him in great shape. Not a gram of fat on his
body. I wish I could say the same for me!

Kahlu weighs 62 lbs and measures 26 inches at the withers. His colour got a bit lighter and he
is just a stunning dog.

I don't think I have ever had a dog that was easier to train than Kahlu. Kahlu is great with
other dogs, and even loves little lapdogs. Kahlu is as healthy as they come.

Kahlu makes us so very happy every day that I  just had to write to you. I know you would like
to have pictures. As soon as I figure out this electronic stuff I will send you one. I am hoping
for a good Agility picture.

Have fun, Brigitte
Campbell River BC Canada
For more photos Click here!
The Red Guy is Paris Poodles Kaluh!
(The Black Poodle,Ripley, is not a Paris Poodle)