Paris Poodles Sparky!!!
Sparky is a brindle phantom colored
purebred poodle... 15.5 inches at the
shoulder and weights 18 pounds!

Sparky is our 13 year old daughter,
Shayla's, 4H Dog!

Shayla takes care of him full time.

Sparky sleeps in her bedroom and
she feeds, walks and trains him. She
trained him from a puppy and her
work shows!

(The adult humans have done NONE
of his training!)

Sparky is a happy, outgoing, flashy
and believes everyone is his friend
but is deeply loyal to Shayla.
Shayla recently participated in a seminar in training dogs for the
movies... Sparks and Shayla did exceptional.... Future movie
star? Maybe!

Shayla and Sparky will be competing at the local Fairs this year!
Champion Puppy Class in 4H agility!!!

Good Job Shayla & Sparky!!!
Sparks' Parents:
AKC Champion:  DJ
AKC Champion: Mattie

  • Wellness Check: Excellent
  • Eyes- Normal-prcd-PRA Optigen A or B by
    parentage(his sire was A & his dam is B)
  • Patellar Luxation - Normal
        (OFA: PO-PA1716/12M/P-VPI)
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes disease - not affected

  • Note: We do not do hip x-rays or elbow x-
    rays on miniature poodles. Congenital Hip
    and elbow displasia is extremely rare in
    Miniature Poodles
Best Friends!
Sparky is a fascinating color. He as born black and
was kept as pick of the litter puppy by his breeder
but as he approached 8 weeks old turned phantom!
His parents and grandparents going very far back
are all solid colored American Show Champions.
Shows you what can just appear out of nowhere!
Sparky doing Agility!

Sparky Likes this game!!!
Sparky doing obedience-
He has amazing attention to his handler!

He is a great boy!!!!