Paris Poodles Roxy
Roxy is a very mellow but still playful girl.  
She is exactly the temperament we breed for here at Paris Poodles.
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Inbreeding COI less than 1%
Roxy's parents are:
Horatio                                      Mocha
Roxie as a puppy!
We have fallen in love with Roxy. I have her with me
almost night and day. She has wonderful walks and
runs and retrieving, and astounds us with her agility to
jump for and play with large latex toys.

She is usually with Donna at work at school so Roxy
doesn't have too much time alone

Roxy, through your generosity and her being, has
brought immense love into our lives.

I have attached a picture of me at the
West Coast Assistance teams who
certified her for work as a therapy dog
with me at schools with children.

We are taking care of her like she is a little queen.

All the best,

Donna and Larry
(Roxy's foster parents)