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    What is a dog. Herbivore? Omnivore? Carnivore? Silly question? Well, probably not
    as silly as you think. Dogs are technically classified as omnivores. Surprised? Many
    are. Why are they classified as omnivores? Because a dog can survive on plant based
    proteins. Survive. Not thrive. There is a big difference between surviving and

    Dogs need meat to thrive. If we look at their dentition and their intestinal tract it is
    designed to digest meat and bone. Their teeth are designed to rip and scissor
    through meat and crush bone. Their intestinal tract is short, not allowing the extra
    processing that it takes to efficiently digest plant material.

    People are true are bears. If you look at our teeth, we have molars
    designed to crush and grind plant material as well as proteins. Our gut is longer,
    allowing us to break down and gain the nutritional benefit of vegetables. With their
    shorter gut, and incorrect teeth, dogs do not process vegetable material efficiently
    and many times that material passes through them without imparting its nutrients.

    Dogs need 20-40% digestible meat protein in their daily diet. Dogs need very little

    Keep in mind that the pet food industry is only about 75 years old. In order to make
    pet foods at low cost, many companies  use the waste products of the human food
    industry. There are no rules preventing them from using 4D meats. 4D meats refers
    to dead,  dying, diseased and down. There is nothing preventing them from using a
    cancer ridden animal or a sick animal in making your dog (or cats!) food, and they do
    use these things. Would you eat these things? Would you consider having these
    things in your diet something that would help prevent cancer and some of the other
    illness that plague our beloved companions? Our pets lives are too short as it is. We
    need to make every effort to help them live longer, healthier, disease free lives, and
    diet is very import to that end.

    If you are going to choose a commercial dog food, it is important to choose one that
    has biologically available nutrition. Choose a food that uses only human grade

    The concept is simple: include the fresh, whole foods that nature evolved dogs and
    cats to eat (in correct ratio and quantity), and exclude ingredients like cereal grains
    that are not part of the natural diet.  

    High-protein, low-carbohydrate and grain-free, ORIJEN features fresh regional
    ingredients in a Biologically Appropriate ratio of 70 percent meat, 30 percent fruit
    and vegetables and zero grain (70/30/0).

    The metabolism of cats and dogs is naturally evolved to operate on a largely
    carnivorous diet, and by better matching the natural diet, ORIJEN promotes peak
    health in cats and dogs of all breeds and life stages, nourishing them as Nature
    originally intended.  ORIJEN is a new direction in pet nutrition: BIOLOGICALLY

    Over the years we have tried many different diets from Raw to the absolutely most
    expensive commercial food available.

    We have found that ORIJEN has given us the best results.  We highly recommend it!
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