Paris Poodles Mango & Rose
Paris Poodles Lucy ,
Paris Poodles Rosa
Paris Poodles Mango
Rosa and Mango live in Campbell
River with their foster family.
Rosa is stockier than Mango, almost 4 pounds heavier, with a denser, curlier coat, and a
tail that is 2 inches shorter.

The hair is thicker on Rosa’s tail than Mango’s and it doesn’t curl up as much. I can’t
believe that a lot of poodIe breeders post on their web-site that the tail has to be docked
to avoid problems; even with Mango’s longer tail, we have no problems at all, and this is an
active house.

Rosa is more of a “pleaser” than Mango, although both girls are obedient and easy to
train. They are fantastic around all the daycare kids, who spend a lot of time hugging them.
Rosa has a very good nose, which has got her into trouble a few times, lol.  She follows a
scent much more than Mango does, a lot of her time outside is spent with her nose to the
ground following some enticing scent. Rosa finds anything new.   

Rosa loves to carry around soft teddies and dolls- doesn’t rip them up, just runs around
with them.

Mango is more happy-go-lucky. I can’t say I have a favourite, between the two, as they
each have such endearing qualities, although Rosa has decided she is my dog and spends
a lot of time lying at my feet, or propping her head in my lap

Mango is more of a watch dog and will bark at the people walking by, (not excessively)
and her joy is to rip paper. Any. Her favourite game is to sneak into the bathroom and rip
apart the toilet paper roll; she looks hilarious with little white bits stuck to her muzzle.
Mango & Rosa's Parents
In the first photo, the 2 year old was having a sad moment when she couldn’t have the toy she wanted right
away. She burst into tears, Rosa came over and nuzzled her, then lay down on the floor beside her. Eloise lay
down with her and hugged her for about 10 minutes, then jumped up ready to play.

In the second photo, my granddaughter Heidi was having a melt down when we ignored her for a few minutes.
Rosa carefully lay down in front of her and let Heidi thump her feet against her back. Heidi started to smile and
then giggle, crisis averted. Rosa stayed there until we picked Heidi up.

She’s also very good with my 7 year old grandson who has been diagnosed with mild autism; he gets very
emotional with any disappointments and she quietly goes to his side and leans against him. We’ve really noticed
it calms him down. She picks up on his distress sometimes before we do. What a sweet girl.
Health Testing:

  • Hips OFA Good (PO-21173G27F-VPI)
  • Blood Panel Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Heart- Normal
  • vWd clear by parentage


  • Hips OFA Good (PO-21174G27F-VPI)
  • Blood Panel Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Heart- Normal
  • vWd clear by parentage