I have not kept track of the time I have spent, like not being able to leave the house the first 2 weeks
    after a new litter of puppies is born. I have had to turn down invitations so I could stay with the pups.  I
    have missed weddings and I have missed funerals.

    I've had to get up every 2 hours all night long to be sure the new babies are latched on and nursing
    strong, I've had to make sure mom is comfortable and that the babies are not crying.

    I have had times where the mother of the litter will bark in a way I know she is calling for me.  She
    expects me to come be with her puppies so she can go outside and pee or just walk around.  We have
    dog door so she can leave on her own but she won’t leave the pups alone for the first 2 weeks without
    me being there to babysit.  (I go without more than 2 hours sleep in a row for 5 weeks!)

    I can't really complain though, as I love every minute of it!  I've had a few people call me crazy dog
    person.   I suppose I have to be a bit weird to do this and call in fun!  

    My puppies are handled daily, socialization is so very important. I keep my puppies here until they are
    around 8 weeks old.

    The last 3 weeks are always a lot of extra work, and I don't even keep track of the amount of poop that
    is produced, or the amount of paper toweling we go through, but I know those last 3 weeks are so
    important to my puppies development, and necessary for them to be able to fit into their new families.

    Why do reputable breeders spend all that time and take the chance
    on losing all that money?

    Because we don't do it for the money. We do it for the love of the breed, and to insure its future.

    Without the reputable breeders raising quality puppies, placing them responsibly, and putting the dogs
    before the money, there would eventually be very poor quality dogs.  

    Sure they might be purebred but what about health, temperament and just pure quality of the breed?  

    We do these things because we want to know all we can about the health of the dogs we produce, and
    the more we know, the better breeding decisions we can make in the future for all concerned.  

    We will take back any puppy we produce, for as long as it lives, and for any reason!

    Thank you for your interest in our puppies!
Vancouver BC Canada
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The fine print.......
What is included with your Paris Poodle Puppy:

  • Puppy Starter Kit (Includes a quality Puppy Blanket with Mom's scent on it!)
  • Canadian Kennel Club Certificate of Registration
  • Canadian Kennel Club registered ISO Microchip (this is the Internationally recognized standard)
  • Two year Limited Health Guarantee Puppy contract click here.
  • Information Package with training tips.
  • Individual results from our professionally administered Puppy Temperament Test.  
    (Tested administered by a Professional Working Dog handler and Working Dog Trainer)
  • Dew claws! Dew Claws!  Dew Claws!  Dew Claws on Paris Poodles are actually functional thumbs! Your
    dog will use his dew claws to hold things and for climbing on steep terrain.  There is absolutely no reason
    to amputate a perfectly good thumb!
  • Long Healthy Tails that can do a full wag when they see you!
  • Tail docking is available at no additional cost but must be requested before the pup is 2 days old
  • De-worming regularly with vet approved wormer.
  • Pup will be checked by my Veterinarian two times prior to going home with you. Your new family member
    will have a health clearance and be issued a vaccination record prior to joining your family.
  • First Vaccinations at 7 weeks. (We do not over-vaccinate!)
  • Breeder Support for the life of the pup and beyond!
  • All puppies are started in our professional Paris Poodles Puppy Development Program
  to ensure they have the very best start in training and socializing.
  • Fed the absolute best dog food available to both the pup and the mother while she is pregnant.  

We do not cut corners when it comes to the pups we raise!

    All prices are in Canadian Currency

  • Black Males start at 1750
  • Black  Females start at 1950

  • Red, Apricot, Cream, Brown, Parti, Blue, Silver
    Phantom,Sable, Brindle, Merle Males start at 2300    

  • Red, Apricot, Cream, Brown,Parti, Blue, Silver
    Phantom,Sable, Brindle, Merle Females start at 2500

    (Puppies sold as companions are usually the base price. Puppies such as those with
    advanced training may be prices differently.... Please feel free to inquire!)

    Please note:  

    *Our puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts

             *Prices do not GST and BC-PST but will be added at time of purchase if applicable.

Why are Females more
Expensive than Males?

The myth that females make better
pets persists so we try and
encourage families to consider a
male by discounting them slightly.

We believe as long as both are
sexually altered by 6 months old they
make equally good companions.
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Why do puppies from a reputable breeder cost so much?

    Reputable breeders generally charge at least $1,500 and as high as $3500 for companion puppies.  

    Reputable breeders will have a detailed contract that goes with each puppy.  

    A pet puppy will most likely come with a non-breeding contract.  This helps breeders protect their breeding
    programs from the inexperienced or undesirable breeders.  This option has been a great success in making
    sure that these puppies are in loving homes for their life time, a reputable breeder will be concerned with
    this issue!  

    Reputable breeders charge what we do for pet puppies because they have a lot of time and money
    invested, below are some things we as breeders consider.

    1. Initial price of a Puppy of Superior Breeding Quality is around $5000 and higher.  This is most likely the
    fee that was paid for the dam and sire to the puppy you are considering at this time. In addition, we must
    take the time (and money) to travel to select our future breeding dogs.

    We do not inbreed our dogs, therefore; we must continually find healthy new blood lines (from around the
    world) and bring in new dogs into our program.  NOT inbreeding is an expensive way to breed.... but for
    Paris Poodles... it is the ONLY way!

    2. Health and temperament tests are done to determine if my dogs are even worthy of being bred.  Tests
    are very expensive, but well worth the price of increasing the chances for the puppies to live a longer healthy
    active life.  We do provide a written health guarantee for our puppies, so it is very important that we are
    breeding healthy dogs to get healthy puppies. We do tests like having hips, elbows, eyes and hearts, skin
    checked which run about $2500 per dog.

  • Remember, if any of my dogs had 'failed' any of these tests, they would have been spayed or neutered,
    and just lived their life as a beloved pet.  Also, if that had happened, we would still be out our initial
    above spent money. A breeder is always gambling with any money spent.

    3. Breeding expenses:

    a. First things first, We always start with a 10 generation pedigree, knowing our dogs background or family
    tree is essential in producing good health, loving temperaments and of course conformation quality!  The
    more history a breeder knows about a dog’s family the better chance a purchaser has for obtaining a quality
    healthy puppy.

    b. A Stud fee has a value of at least $2000 or more . Lately the stud fees have increased to approximately
    $2,500 - $5000 or the price of the pick of the litter puppy.  Most often we will chose to pay the stud fee
    rather than give up the best pup in the litter… or why would we be breeding?  

    c. Progesterone tests $85.00 for the female (to narrow down the day that the female is ready)

    d. Brucellosis tests are done to be sure the dogs are both free and clear of this terrible sexually transmitted
    disease $85.00 each dog

    e. Ultrasound, if needed, runs about $200.00

    f. An x-ray is done only if there are questions or concerns with the ultra sound results and they start at about
    $120.00 per film (usually 2 are taken to make sure)

    g. Artificial Insemination is an option for breeding as well.  This can cost up to $2,000 for harvesting of
    sperm, shipping, and insemination.  This is a gamble because if the AI isn't successful it still costs the same
    amount.  There are no ‘money back guarantees’ when it comes to AI

    4. Litter expenses:  there are many things we have to buy that can be used over again:

    a. Clamps, alcohol, whelping box, bedding, blankets, towels, emergency stuff (for pups in distress) My
    husband builds my whelping boxes so we are usually able to save a little there.  

    b.  Puppy Playpens,  Feeding bowls, toys, and an extra crate (these can be used again, and for other things)

    c. Vaccinations for each puppy. Puppies will have a final vet check and first vaccinations prior to leaving us.  
    $100.00 per puppy

    d. Stool checks, and preventive worm medications for the puppies and mom too: $45.00 each puppy.

    e.  Advantage for protection from fleas and ticks- it costs about $120.00 per adult dog per season

    f. Heart Worm Medications for my adults 9 months out of the year cost about $120.00 per dog.  Heart worm
    tests cost about $100. (Per dog per year)  All our dogs get tested.  Although we do not live in an area
    known for Heart Worm we do it because some of our breeding stock originates from outside our area.

    g. Puppy packet items (folders, brochures and printed information)

    h. Puppy food

    i. Advertising puppies or young available adults. In the form of website fees.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some expenses. Remember, for the years before and after a sire or dam are bred,
    they both have routine vet care, high quality food, and everything a pet should have.

    As far as litters go, breeders have to be prepared for unexpected expenses, especially vet bills. Maybe
    there will need to be a C-section or other emergency vet care involved.  An emergency c-section can cost
    about $5,000 and there is no guarantee the pups will survive… not to mention the mother could die too.

    It is a very real possibility that a reputable breeder could spend $7000-$10,000 on one litter, and not
    have any healthy puppies to place.  
More about Tails and
Dew Claws Click Here!
Why are Black puppies
Less expensive?

Our black puppies are discounted
slightly as they are not as popular as
the other colors. Yes, they are
exactly the same as their colored
siblings... Just not as unique looking.
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