Paris Poodles Zoe!!!
Zoe's Heath Testing:

  • Wellness Check: Excellent
  • Eyes- Normal
  • OFA Hips: Good (OFA: PO-21100G26F-VPI)
  • Conformation: Excellent
  • Blood Panel: Normal
  • Urinalysis: Normal
  • Skin: Normal
Zoe is a third generation therapy dog!

Here is what Larry, Zoe's foster home, says
about her:

Zoe is an extraordinary dog. People of all
ages seem to be attracted to her friendliness,
beauty, and grace. But, it is probably her
deep gaze and openness that captures their

Zoe loves the company of other dogs and
invites or provokes them to play. She delights
in being chased by one or more dogs. Her
agility and intelligence shine when she is
pursued. If they will stay with her, she usually
exhausts them. And, if a dog would rather be
chased, she's happy to do so.

Zoe can also be calm and still. She has
accompanied me in my work as a therapist
since she was eight weeks old. Her deep
presence and sensitivity supports my clients.

Zoe is a loyal and loving companion and has
brought incredible joy into my life. It has
always been my pleasure to share her with
the world.