Xena's Parents are:
Katrina            &  Agility Champion Sparky!
Paris Poodles Xena!
Xena's Heath Testing:

  • Wellness Check: Excellent
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Patellar Luxation - Normal (OFA # PO-PA2014/12F/P-VPI)
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes disease - not affected
  • Conformation: Excellent (superior agility!)
  • Blood Panel: Normal
  • Urinalysis: Normal

  • Note: We do not do hip x-rays or elbow x-rays on smaller
    poodles. Congenital Hip and elbow displasia is extremely rare
    in Poodles Xena's size!
This stunning girl is the product of many
years of pedigree research and
thousands of dollars invested before we
found just the right parents to produce this
fantastic dog.

We are very pleased with Xena!

Xena's sire comes from a long line of
show champions and Xena inherited her
dad's 'look at me' flashy conformation,
confidence and movement. Xena took
after her mother, Katrina, with astonishing
agility and a highly affectionate nature.

Top top it off she has the rarest markings
in the Poodle Breed: Black Merle!!
Xena is a very smart dog with a quick and eager to learn personality. You ask her to jump...
she only asks how high! Xena really has the whole package. Looks, temperament and health!
Xena is a large Moyen or Klein
sized Poodle. (which is considered
a Standard Poodle in North
America- Just a smaller sized one)

Xena is a Black Merle color.
incorrectly called a
Blue Merle Poodle.
(Read about the genetics of Xena's
Click Here!)
Small Video Clips of a recent hike
Xena is a fantastic hiker.

She is very much like a little kid
while hiking. She will see a log
lying on the ground near the trail
and she will hop on top and
walk its length even if it gets
very small... then she hops off
and finds another log to run

Her jump is effortless and she
floats as she moves. She
certainly took after her mother,
Katrina with her spectacular