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    We are very active outdoors
    and our dog went
    everywhere.  She went down-
    hill mountain bike riding,
    swimming in the rapids on the
    Chilliwack River,
    mountaineering, boating on
    the Fraser River.
Paris Poodles
Search and Rescue

    We researched breeders
    extensively and finally found a
    breeder who bred dogs who just
    happened to be Standard
    Poodles.  I say it that way
    because she felt the dog was
    first the fact that it was a Poodle
    was second.  So home came my
    curly coated Dog!

    Our  Friends were initially shocked and horrified to see us with a Poodle.  I recall one day I
    asked a friend of mine to hold my dog’s leash so I could go and use the toilet.  He took the leash
    reluctantly stating that it was as bad as asking him to hold a woman’s purse!

    Coming from a Working dog background I raised my Standard Poodle like a dog!   I learned very
    quickly that because she was built solid the ONLY thing that made her look like a froo froo dog
    was her coat.  I learned how to clip her coat to NOT look like a froo froo dog!  The Poodle won
    the sceptics over.

    Initially our curly coated dog was not accepted in the working dog world. However, the Standard Poodle can now
    be found hunting and receiving hunting titles, flying over agility obstacles and receiving agility titles.... And Paris
    Poodles are now certified Search and Rescue dogs! Standard poodles have proven time and again they are great,
    honest hard workers!

          We have bred the WORKING dog back into a working breed... in the process we have produced the most
    stable, honest family companions... we have been told that getting a Paris Poodles is like joining an elite club or
A Paris Poodle retrieving
from water.... as a Standard
Poodle SHOULD be able to
and WANT to do!!!

    Our love for the Standard Poodle began over 11 years ago when my dog and I were taking
    agility classes together.  A fellow classmate had a Standard Poodle. Prior to meeting that
    Standard Poodle that I had been an avid German Shepherd Dog fan.  I had owned several
    German Shepherds from both North American and European breeding.   I had trained my
    German Shepherd Dog for Search and Rescue (SAR) work.

    Imagine my surprise to meet a breed that made my dog appear…. Well how do we say it?  
    Lacking?  The Standard Poodles intelligence is usually ranked in either number 1 or 2 place
    (depending upon who’s study you read).  The German Shepherd Dog is around number 4.  Who
    would have thought there could be such a difference between those numbers?  

    When my German Shepherd retired. I researched the Standard Poodle.  I discovered that the
    Standard Poodle is used around the world for disaster work due to their light size, agility and their
    ability to think.  I contacted several Search and Rescue members from Europe and North
    American and discussed their use of the Standard for SAR work.  

    I found out that I had to be careful where I got my Standard Poodle from because just like in the
    German Shepherd Dog breed there are Breeders who breed  so much for conformation (the
    animal who looks the most like the breed standard) that the animal can no longer function in a
    working capacity.

    I discovered that due to poor breeding some Standard Poodles were being bred to be so fine that
    they were fragile and lacking in ability to form good strong muscles.   I needed a working dog so I
    certainly could not get a dog that was too fine – I needed muscles!  Some poor examples of the
    breed have been bred to have such a straight front that those dogs can no longer swim!!!  The
    poodle was originally used as a water retriever dog!  A Standard Poodle that cannot swim???  
    That is insane!  
The Philosophy Paris Poodles breeds by:

Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But Performance indicates what the animal actually is.
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