Paris Poodles Raven
Raven's hair is extremely short in these photos to
show how
much stockier she is than most poodles.
Our dogs are good for most people with allergies, asthma or simply
those who do not want a shedding dog in their house.

Our dogs do not have the oily coat smell associated with Labs or
Golden Retrievers or dogs crossed with Labs or Goldens.

  • Paris Poodles ONLY breeds smart, stocky, athletic dogs who are
    mellow in the house.

  • We do not routinely dock the Paris Standard Poodle’s tail so
    your dog will look like a dog!

  • Tail docking can be done by request

  • You do not have to put your dog in pompoms! (but you can if you
    want to)
Paris Poodles breeds the stocky, calmer Standard Poodle with brains, and obedience.
Versatility in the LOOK:
Paris Poodles' coats can be cut short so they look like a short coated
dog  (they then look like pointers!) Or left long like the pictures above.  

If you did want to make your dog look like a Poodle there are many fun
Poodle clips too!!!  The options are endless.
Health: Our dogs are not inbred (eg. Breeding brother to sister) or line
bred (eg. Breeding cousins).

This reduces the risk of health and temperament problems.

Why we don't inbreed CLICK HERE
If you are looking for a non-shedding, happy, eager to please, fun - loving
family companion or working dog consider a
Paris Poodle!

Vancouver, BC Canada
Shipping Available
Paris Poodles
Our Home

We strongly believe in 'doing it right'.  Our dogs live in our home with us and have access to vast
areas outside so they can run, play and live like the very privileged dogs they are. We also have
proper infrastructure to ensure our puppies have the absolutely best start to life.
Our dogs have it all!

We have invested a lot of Time, Money and Heart into
Our Home and Breeding Program.
Welcome to our Home..... CLICK HERE!
  • We are a member in good standing of the
    Canadian Kennel Club. (Since 1994)
  • Charter member of the British Columbia Search Dog
  • Ground Search and Rescue Instructor
  • Members of  a local PEP Ground Search and Rescue team.
Paris Poodles  
    is located in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia,
    Canada.  We are in the upper or Eastern part of the
    Fraser Valley, named for the Mighty Fraser River
    which weaves its way across the valley floor.

    The Fraser Valley is a recreational paradise
    surrounded on three sides by tall mountains.  
    The fourth and western most side of the Fraser
    Valley has the City of Vancouver.  At the
    Vancouver end of the valley the Fraser River
    empties into the Pacific Ocean.  The Fraser
    Valley is a beautiful place to live and play.

    Our dogs are raised in the middle of this
    recreational mecca.  We live on a mountain
    plateau (within a reasonable drive to Vancouver)
    with Alpine Fresh, Clean Air and Artisian Spring
    fed water.

    Paradise?  Yes!  We think so!!!
The Difference!!!   
Our background and Our approach to breeding...
We are Professional Dog Trainers.

  • We have been training and involved in breeding dogs for over 16 years.  
  • Originally mentored by two breeders with a combined experience of over 110 years.
  • Currently train dogs for Search and Rescue -12 years
  • We assess,rehabilitate and train dangerous and unsocialized dogs at the local dog shelter.

We have trained dogs along side some to the absolute best dog handlers in the industry -
  • working dog handlers (Police, Search and Rescue),
  • sport dogs handlers (French Ring, and other protection sports).  
In the beginning....
lthough we had owned or trained many breeds, we had never
considered owning a Standard Poodle because of the look of the froo
froo show dog. Most of the show-bred Standard Poodles we met were

extremely fine boned
with narrow pointed faces.  We preferred the
sturdy, athletic breeds that were commonly being used as working dogs.

When we saw our first stocky poodle we were impressed with the
lean muscles on the athletic frame. This dog also did not have the
pompoms!  His coat was short and his build stocky yet still athletic.

The Standard Poodle
was originally bred for use as a hunting dog
much like the Labrador Retriever still is used today. We were
disappointed to discover that most breeders were only interested in
breeding 'show dogs' and had no interest in the Poodle as working,
hunting or any type of athletic sporting dog.

We believe the Standard Poodle should be structurally
and mentally
able to perform the tasks it was originally bred to do!
The philosophy Paris Poodles breeds by:
Pedigree indicates what the animal should be.
Conformation indicates what the animal appears to be.
But Performance indicates what the animal actually is.
With this breeding program in mind we created
Paris Poodles
Our dogs are simply curly coated DOGS!  
They are NOT Froo Froo dogs!
©2003 - 2013  Paris Poodles-  The name "Paris Poodles", "JParis" "JParis Poodles" -all information, all
content and all pictures on these pages are copyrighted.  Use without permission is prohibited.   All rights
are reserved
Horses are also a passion of ours.

We own three horses:  
Cosmo - Missouri Foxtrotter,
Shasta - Paso Fino and
Black - Arabian.

We are avid hikers, skiers, mountain bikers and
anything else that takes us into the mountains.

The majority of our horse riding brings us deep
into the mountains. Our horses are great
mountaineers and exceptionally surefooted. Our
Paris Poodles accompany us on our riding
We have learned a lot about training,