Paris Poodles Texas Ranger!!!
Canadian Kennel Club Registered.

Inbreeding COI: 0.0% (ten generations)
Tex is our gorgeous Red
Standard Poodle!  

Tex stands about 20 inches
at the shoulder and weighs
35.5 pounds.

This boy has exceptional
agility and speed!

Again.... Good things do
come in small packages!!!
Tex is friends with everyone... dog
and human alike.  He is very social
with all dogs including in tact males
and small dogs... He likes them all.

Tex also likes humans and is learning
to like horses... Although he is very
cautious around horses... and rightly
The Cat (who thinks she is
a dog) Greeting Tex out on
our walk. The Cat often
comes along for the walk.
Tex has VERY dark black
eyes... Exceptionally dark!
Tex's coat is extremely short all
over in these photos to show off his
physique! He has amazingly well
developed muscles!
Tex's Health Testing:

Wellness Check: Excellent
Heart: Good
Skin: Clear
Eyes- Normal
prcd-PRA -Clear by parentage
Patellar Luxation - Normal (OFA Number: PO-PA2011/24M/P-VPI)
Legg-Calves-Perthes disease - not affected

Note: We do not do hip x-rays or elbow x-rays on smaller poodles
like Tex. Congenital Hip and elbow displasia is extremely rare in
Poodles his size.