Paris Poodle's  Horatio Cane
American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club registered
COI (10 generation): 2.01%
(Standard Poodle average is 18%)


Horatio is our amazing Red boy!!!  His color is still vibrant Irish Setter
red.  He is a stocky boy with a nice masculine face!!!  He is a very
outgoing dog who loves all people and all other dogs.  He is very eager
to please and loves to retrieve anything I ask him to bring back.  

Horatio is an absolute joy to be around.
All of these photos are taken in our backyard.

11 acres of
Alpine Wilderness!!!

This is truly a dog paradise!
A photo to prove what we
already knew...Fantastic Hips!!!
Horatio is 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs
around 65 pounds.... and still gaining muscle!!!
He is majestic!
Paris Poodles - Our Red Stud
Some of Horatio's Kids!
"Let's go puppies!"
"Here's your treat"