Horatio searching for
human scent on an article of
clothing.  Often times lost
subjects will shed clothing.  
A Wilderness Search dog is
trained to find and indicate
any item with human scent
on it.  Our dogs have
indicated and located human
scent on items MONTHS
after they were planted.  
Rope Rescue and High Angle Rescue is highly
needed in our Searching Area.  Although our
dogs are trained to accept being lowered from
high angles, dogs are almost never used near
cliffs and steep embankments.  

Dogs lack the same depth perception as humans
so a dog is in great danger near cliffs.   
Swift Water Rescue is another area that our dogs do not
participate in.  The white water areas are very dangerous to
even the most experienced of rescuers.  There are many
snags and strainers in local rivers.  

Fisherman die in our rivers annually.  Please if you go fishing
in moving water -especially if you are wearing waders-
PLEASE wear an inflatable fishing vest!  

The rivers are very
.  We have pulled far too many dead bodies out of
the local rivers!!!
Search and Rescue Dog Training!
We were invited by the some of
Canada's finest military men and woman to
train jointly with them for a day.  

They deployed their men out in the
wilderness and our dogs hunted for the
hiding soldiers.  

It was a contest between the military men
and our search and rescue dogs.

Our dogs were able to find all of the
hidden soldiers without problem.  

The military soldiers were impressed with
the efficiency of our Search Dogs.
After placing cadaver scent out for the Cadaver
Dogs the empty bag was left on the ground. My
girl was VERY interested in the scent tubes.  
Right after this photo was taken she 'stole' the
gloves which had Cadaver Scent on them.  We
plan to cross-train her on live and cadaver scent.
My Girl with an Explosives trained Australian
Shepherd from the USA- we will not train
our dogs in the explosives profile.  There is
no need for this profile for a BC Search and
Rescue Dog.  
Search And Rescue
Photo Album
Mike checking his safety Gear
before lowering over the edge..
  • Mike un-clipping from the line across.
  • Mike is a Swift Water Tech and is
    certified to do water rescues.
Overturned Truck on Mountain Road.
Swift Water/ Flood Rescue Course in October 2008
This exercise shows the rescue
'swimmer' how to get un-trapped
from a water obstacle. Once trapped
against the log it is impossible to go
over it. Too dangerous to go under it.

Joanne is the one in the water (with
the black helmet) pushing against the
log to be able to walk off to the side
of the log. Very tiring. Better to
avoid in real situations!
Using the strength of the
group to cross swift water.

Impossible to do alone.
Very doable in a group.
Rescue Swimming at Tamihi on
the Chilliwack River  
Helicopter training with
Sarasota Search and Rescue.
Practicing entering and exiting
the helicopter with the rotor
blades turning, plus a quick 2 min

Going under the moving blades
pulled her up for only a second
and then she jumped in like an
old pro. She wasn't so keen
about the jump out though!
Paris Poodles Mishka
at a Search and Rescue
seminar in Oklahoma 2008

One of the instructors said
she had to keep reminding
herself that she was only 7
months old and not to push her
too much. She did fantastic.
Update: December 2009 - Mishka is now an operational Search and Rescue dog!
Congratulations to Jenn and Mishka for a job well done!