Paris Poodles Maia
fostered in by
Savannah in
Squamish BC!
Just writing to let you know that
Maia is healthy and happy!  I'm
working landscaping and take
her to work with me half the
time and the other half I have
friends take her out climbing
with them. I've trained her to
follow basic commands but she is
really just naturally well behaved
and good natured..not to mention
well loved! I've attached some
pictures of us hiking in the
woods by my house.
My Girl
  • Wellness Check: Excellent
  • Heart: Good
  • Skin: Clear
  • Eyes- Normal
  • VwD -Clear by parentage
  • Patellar Luxation - normal
  • Hips - Excellent Conformation.
    Will not be X-Raying her due to strong
   family history and excellent solid movement.