The Boys!!!
The End!!!
Opaluna & Titan Puppies
1. Quinn
Black Boy

The first three boys are all around
the same size... all larger Moyen
sized or small Standard Poodle sized.

Reserved for Ron and Peggy
2. Red Boy

Super handsome fellow of course!
Great calm temperament.

Same size as his brother above
and below.

Reserved for Ann & Mark from
Campbell River ... also a
companion for 10 year old "Paris
Poodles Trip to Mexico" and 16
year old Jack Russell Terrier
3. Merle Boy

This Merle Boy is the same size as the two
brothers above. As all merle poodles do, he will
lighten as he gets older and will look a lot like his
mother's markings.

He is a calm boy with a very good looking face.

Reserved for the Harrington Family... and Buddy
for Paris Poodles Kesler!
4.  Smaller Black Boy

This boy and the boy below are both the
two smaller boys in the litter. They will both
be smaller moyen sized.

He is a really sweet boy.

Reserved for Reinette from Edmonton
5. Small Apricot boy

This little boy has a frosted apricot coat.
It looks absolutely stunning. He is a
really nice looking boy. He and his black
brother directly above are both the two
smallest boys. Very charming boy.

Reserved for Charlene from Langley...
new brother for Paris Poodles Easton
6. The Largest Boy

Frosted Apricot Boy....

He is the largest boy in the litter...
so far he is charting to be a full
sized standard Poodle. He is the
heaviest and tallest puppy and he
has thick solid legs just like his
sister- the one we have reserved
for ourselves. We sure like the
ones with nice thick legs. :)
Reserved for Simon, Jane and
Emma from Abbotsford