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Trained Dogs....
This is Kona.

Kona is available to a very special family.

Kona was born September 19, 2016. His mother is Agnes and his dad is Apollo.

Kona has been my 12 year old son's training project for the past few months. Our son was
trying to figure out how to earn some extra money for some things he wants to buy such as a
high end sewing machine. (He won the sewing award at his school). We thought by holding
back a special puppy he could train it and sell him as a trained dog. Over the years we have
received a lot of requests for this type of service.

Kona knows: come, sit, down, stay and is crate & house trained. (like any dog moving to a new
home we encourage the family to keep an eye on the dog until the dog figures out how to
communicate his need to go outside)  

Kona is current on basic puppy all vaccines including rabies and is neutered.

Kona has learned through positive reinforcement with treats and proper use of an e-collar. We
recommend continuing to use the e-collar and can recommend a fantastic trainer if you don't
already know how to use one properly. We can send Kona home with his e-collar.

Kona is a very sweet, affectionate dog who currently has high energy (due to his age) but once
he has expended his energy he is a very sweet calm boy. Like all Apollo puppies he will mellow
as he grows up- he is a teenager now.

Kona's only vice is he will chase cats if allowed. If the cat doesn't run he just stops and waits for
the cat to move. Its the movement that he is drawn to. Our confident cats don't get chased by
him (hahaha!!!) He has a solid prey drive and would thrive in a sport or activity where is can use
his prey drive.

Kona has always eaten a raw food diet. He is thriving on it. We recommend keeping him on that
food. We can refer you to the place we buy our prepared raw food.

If you feel that your home is a suitable home for our very sweet Kona he is available for $2300
plus applicable taxes (GST & PST) plus our son's training fee of $3000 (plus GST)

PRICE REDUCED..... In the interest of finding this wonderful
dog a good home we have decided to greatly reduce Kona's
price to only reflect our son's training fee which is quite
reasonable considering the hours he has invested into Kona!

We ask for serious inquiries only. Our son will be proud to demonstrate the training he has put
into 'his' dog.

Pictures of Kona & our son!
Good Down!
Leash walks.
Very good recall... Loves to
come when called!
Heeling off leash.
The End!!