Reserved Puppies!!!
2.  "Shadow"

Sable's Black girl with no white

For someone looking for a solid black female
this is your girl. She looks very nice and is just
solid black... nice face, nice solid body
structure but still elegant... a nice combination.
7.   "Ghost"

Sable's White and Black Boy

I have absolutely fallen in love with
Ghost. He has white fur and deep black
eyes and he is getting more black spots
the older he gets.

At this time Paris Poodles is hanging onto
him.... He may be for sale in the future...
I just can't seem to part with him yet.
Reserved for Mary Pollock and a sister
for Paris Poodle's Rose.

Puppy Pickup: Flight August 20th 2018
The End!!!
4. "Atlas"

Tina`s Black and White Boy 4

Since this guy was born I have admired
his amazing markings... and as he grows
I just like him more and more... if he was
a girl he would absolutely be staying at
Paris Poodles... I just adore this guy...
look at that face!!!!!
6. Tina Black and White Girl 6

This girl is ever so slightly smaller that her
sister above. She may also be a smaller
standard poodle... and isn`t she adorable!

The black marking on her back is almost a
Reserved for Michael, Lana & Tristan
and sister for Bo!

Puppy Pickup: August 25th (Evening)
Reserved for Steve &
Karen from Saskatoon SK.