To reserve one of these puppies
please send us an e-mail requesting
an application.

Upon approval of your application
your $250 deposit will secure your
puppy until he or she is able to join
your family!!
Sable and Apollo puppies were
born June 10th 2018

All of these incredible puppies
will be standard sized Poodles.
The Girls!!!
The End!!!
Sable & Apollo Puppies!!!
The Boys!!!
2. Sable Girl 2

She is a very sweet girl with
white body and black head and
nose... Her white may get
more black freckles as she
gets older...what a looker!
4. Sable's Black girl with no white 4

For someone looking for a solid black female
this is your girl. She looks very nice and is just
solid black... nice face, nice solid body
structure but still elegant... a nice combination.
5. Sable's Black Girl with some white 5

Do you like Black Dogs with just a little
bit of chrome? How about this black girl
with just enough white to stand out....
and a personality to match. Very nice
1. Sable's Black and
White Boy 1

This boy is quite a good
looking boy... very unique
marking... well... as you
will see the boys in this
litter really took the unique
looks... enjoy...

3. Sable's Black Boy 3

I really like this guy... he has very nice
conformation and is already quite a  
snuggle bug. :)
Reserved for Brandie
from Edmonton Alberta
7. Sable's White and Black Boy

This guy just takes my breath away... he
is amazing to look at and I have no idea
how but so far he is always the cleanest
puppy... which is good because with all
that white...  He has dark black
intoxicating eyes and white fur... so
amazing to look at...
8. Sable's Black and White Boy 8


Patch was the first puppy to get a
name... how could he not? Perfect
eye patch...
9. Sable's Black and White Boy 9


Snoopy looks a lot like his brother above but
his other ear is also solid black... so he
reminds me more of a Snoopy...  
10. Sable's Black and White Boy 10


He just had to be spot... He has a spot
above his tail and a spot on each side of
his head... Which will look amazing as he
gets older and the white crest on his
forehead remains... (many thin blazes
cannot be seen as the hair gets longer)

Great looking dog!