Apollo Puppies 2018
To reserve one of these puppies
please send us an e-mail requesting
an application.

Upon approval of your application
your $250 deposit will secure your
puppy until he or she is able to join
your family!!
Video Taken August 1, 2018 of Tina & Sable's puppies
playing in one of our fields... enjoy...
The End!!!

Sable's Black and White parti boy born
June 10, 2018

Athough we called him Max maybe we should have
called him something indicating he would not be so
big... he may end up a moyen sized boy!!!

Max has a big dog temperament and is easy going
but loves to play and explore alongside his humans.

Reserved for Brian and Marlese from Nanaimo
9. "Snoopy"

Sable's Black and White Parti Boy
Born June 10, 2018

Just an amazing dog. LOVES people and loves to play and just
hang around with people. I think this guy would thrive with kids
or a family or person who loves the outdoors or hiking, running
etc... he wants to be your buddy!!!
We do have a short
video of both mothers,
Sable and Tina, for
those interested.... our
internet connection is
just too slow to upload
two clips... :)

But we are happy to
email it to you upon