The End!!!
The Girl!!!
Misty & Apollo Puppies
This is the only girl in the litter! She is
a good sized girl and is very sweet
and calm!

She has a very cool blaze down her
face and her nose is freckled! Very
unique colouring.
The Boys!!!
1 Cream Boy

This is the largest puppy in the litter. He is
a super calm boy who is going to be a big
boy. He has dark black eyes and a very
black nose.
2 Apricot Boy

This boy has some white on his chest. He has a
super good looking face and intoxicating eyes. He
is a looker for sure. Also a very calm boy.
3 Cream Boy #2

This boy is slightly smaller than his
cream brother above. He will also
be a big boy. He has very dark eyes
and a super black nose. Very sweet
and calm boy.
4. Black boy with less white

This boy is almost exactly the same size as his
black brother below.

He is a calm boy who likes to snuggle already!
5. Black boy with white paw!

This boy has a fantastic face and very
nice white markings! Calm and friendly

We may be keeping this boy....