The End!!!
Agneishka & Mr. Bojangles Boy!
The Boys!!!
To get on our wait list for a puppy from this litter
please contact us for an application. Upon
approval of your application your $250 deposit will
secure you puppy until he or she is ready to join
your family.
Agneishka gave birth to
10 healthy babies on
September 11, 2017

All of these incredible
puppies will be standard
sized Poodles.

Brown & White Parti Boy

Introducing The Legend

(formerly Texas- but as we already had an adult dog with that
name, we changed it to avoid confusion)

is a very handsome big boy.
He will be big and solid like his parents.

He is calm and inquisitive. A Truly kind
. We would be happy to place
Legend into a foster home so we can
keep him in our breeding program. But
we are also offering him for sale to a
great home. We like this handsome
boy a lot.

egend has very stunning eyes.... they
look like "People" eyes.