The End!!!
The Girls!!!
Opaluna & Titan Puppies
Dark Grey/ Merle Girl  With white blaze and
white toes

Moyen Sized Standard Poodle

I will be living with Paris Poodles Opaluna in
North Vancouver!!

She is the heaviest puppy so far (Heavier than
the boys too) but is still only the size of a moyen
puppy... she has thick bone. Just how we like
them. :)
Black Girl with White Chest blaze,
white toes and white chin.

This girl can only be described as
'wow- she's cute'... or so I was told....

Moyen Sized Standard Poodle.
(So far she is the second smallest
3. "Arrow"

Frosted Apricot Girl

Third smallest Girl

This girl is unique... she has a very
small patch of black hair growing on
her hip... in the shape of an arrow.

4. Red Girl

Moyen Sized Standard Poodle

She is the smallest girl. She has the
traditional fine poodle bone poodle look to
her. Very elegant looking.

Reserved for Sarah from Morinvill AB
5. Frosted Apricot Girl

This girl is middle of the pack for
size. She will likely still be on the
smaller end of the standard
Poodle range. She had a very nice
face and very unique colouring. It
will be fascinating to watch her
colours develop as she grows up.
6. Strawberry Roan Girl

We weren't sure what to call this girl's
colour. She is a cherry red that has
frosted... in the horse world we would
call her a strawberry roan... there just
isn't a colour for her in the poodle world...

She is the largest girl in physical size.
Very cute too. Great face. Great
7. Red Girl

This is the Third Largest Girl. She is a very
calm girl so far. Very nice looking- looks a lot
like her Dad Titan .

Reserved for Bobbi-Jo & Shawn from
Medicine Hat
Reserved for Moira
from Vancouver!
Reserved for Donna &
Grant from Calgary
Reserved for the Turner Family from