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Phoenix & Titan Puppies
The Boys!!!
The Girls!!!
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To get on our wait list for a puppy from this litter
please contact us for an application. Upon
approval of your application your $250 deposit will
secure you puppy until he or she is ready to join
your family at 8 weeks old.
Phoenix gave birth to 9
healthy babies on
Tuesday June 27, 2017

These puppies will
range in size from  
Moyen to Standard
Apricot Girl 1 (2990)

This girl has white on her back toes and a slight white
'milk chin'. She has a very cute freckled nose and eyes
that melt your heart!  

The two girls are both the smallest in the litter and will
likely end up Moyen sized.  
Apricot / Tan Girl (2920)

This girl has no white on her. She has a very dark
black nose.

She is exactly the same size as her sister above...
we believe they will both finish in the Moyen size
Blue and Black Merle Boy 1 (3080)

This is the smallest of the merle coloured boys
but he is still larger than his two sisters above.

Its likely he will be in the Moyen range but at the
upper and of Moyen.

At this point we would estimate he will be 19 or
so inches at the shoulder and 35 plus pounds.
Merle Boy 2 (3466)

This boy appears now to be a brown with
black boy but the brown will most
certainly lighten into a blue/ grey as is
typical of merle dogs.

He is the largest puppy in this litter. He
will likely end up a full standard sized
Merle boy 3 (3464)

This boy is also coloured like his brother
above and will also lighten to a blue and
black colouring as he grows.

It appears he has at least partial blue
colouring in both of his eyes... we will see if it
stays blue! At this time his eyes are
absolutely amazing!

He is the second largest dog in the litter. He
should also be a standard sized dog.
Apricot boy 1 (3110)

This 'golden retriever' coloured puppy has a
very adorable marbled black nose!

He has no white on him and his golden colour
has frosted tips. He is a looker for sure. It
appears that his left eye may have some
flecks of blue colouring.

He is the smallest of the apricot boys.
Apricot Boy 2 (3418)

This boy is a really nice looking boy. He is our
son's favorite puppy.

He is obviously a great looking puppy but he is
already engaging and enjoying interacting with

He has a very deep black nose.
Apricot boy 3 (3414)

This boy has a marbled pink and black nose. He
has a frosted apricot coat and freckled paw pads!
He also appears to have two blue eyes. We hope
he keeps them as they are absolutely intoxicating!

Apricot boy 4 (3440)

This is a very nice looking apricot boy with dark black
nose. He has no white on him and he appears to be
getting darker as he grows up.

He is a very very nice puppy.