What to Expect from a Paris Poodle:
* High Intelligence!!! - our dogs are highly intelligent and never inbred! Inbreeding causes poor
temperament and lowers trainability.

Solid Built- we do not breed the fine boned or frail looking dogs. Our dogs are sturdy animals.

Incredible Temperaments - we only breed mentally sound dogs. Temperaments ARE inherited!  They
are playful and happy they will not only pass these traits on genetically but teach these qualities to their
pups.  The extensive socialization each pup receives while still with us also facilities the pups
understanding that humans are a lot of fun!

Companions who want to learn about their humans. A well adjusted dog wants to learn about their
human - what makes them laugh and smile- what pleases their humans!  Our dogs are eager to please!

Look like REAL dogs - Dogs that ANYONE would be proud to own!!! Our dogs are bred to be
structurally correct. They are real looking and acting dogs that can wear any haircut- the versatility is

A Sensitive, Devoted, Loyal Friend!

More Details:
All Paris Poodles are   
registered with the
Canadian Kennel Club
and can be registered
with any other Official
Kennel Club world wide!
Paris Poodles Puppies
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