Paris Poodles Persia
Being Fostered by Susan and her Family
from Coquitlam BC

Roxy 2 is Persia's full sister!

Persia looks a lot like her mother
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
(Inbreeding COI: 1%)

  • Hips OFA Good (PO-18000G24F-VPI)
  • Blood Panel Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Heart- Normal
  • vWd clear by parentage
Persia's parents are:
Mom: Sophie
Dad: Horatio
A beer drinking Poodle?
No.... Persia decided to
help with the recycling!
"I am sure the trophy is mine....
I am a good dog! I deserve a trophy!"
Of course that present is
mine!..... um... right???
spring lamb - the dog with 3 dimensions.
The other thing we often say is that she
is part cat as she has such dexterous
paws and loves jabbing and patting at
things to play.

Has been on a track and search course
and loved tracking and we hope to take
her to do some agility training at some
time in the future.

A very social and highly adaptable dog.   
She is a wonderful member of her family.