Paris Poodles Penny
Penny is our smaller sized standard poodle. She is in the
larger Moyen Range. She is about 20 inches at the
shoulder and 35 pounds.

Penny is an amazing ambassador for Paris Poodles. Folks
are impressed with her smaller perfectly proportioned size
and her terrific temperament

Penny lives with her foster mom, Ann and her human
family, two cats and an African Grey parrot. Penny's foster
family has done an incredible job training and socializing
Penny. Penny even accompanies them to Church services!

Ann and family miss her so much that while Penny is here
having her babies we are 'lending' them a Paris Poodle to
keep them company. That was Ann's idea. :-)
COI: less than 1%
Penny's Health Testing:

  • Wellness Check: Excellent
  • Heart: Good
  • Skin: Clear
  • Eyes- Normal
  • prcd-PRA -Clear by parentage
  • Patellar Luxation - Normal (OFA Number: PO-PA2015/42F/P-VPI)
  • Legg-Calves-Perthes disease - not affected

  • Note: We do not do hip x-rays or elbow x-rays on smaller
    poodles like Penny. Congenital Hip and elbow displasia is
    extremely rare in Poodles her size.