We will not keep a large number of dogs living with us.  

Standard Poodles need to be a part of the family and do not thrive to their full potential in a
kennel situation.  That is why we have a foster dog program.  

The foster program allows us to keep the very best puppies from each litter. When they are old
enough we can decide which of our girls meets our very strict criteria for our breeding program.
This is how we have achieved such success in producing the dogs we have today!

How the Foster Program Works:

We place our "pick of the litter" female or male at 8-12 weeks old in foster homes. The dogs stay
in these homes for their entire life provided they follow our fostering rules - which are quite
reasonable.  This program allows people an opportunity to have one of the best dogs in our
breeding program!  

When a foster puppy grows up she may be used in our breeding program if she is good enough. At
the age of 2 years, we will pay for your family members health testing.

If our foster dog doesn't pass these tests or is just not good enough to be bred -for various
reasons we may determine- we will have her spayed and you will be given full ownership of the dog
at a considerably reduced pet price.  Which is a pretty good deal considering you have the pick of
the litter pup!

If she IS good enough we will have her bred to a great male of my choosing, at my cost, which
could mean she leaves you for a few weeks. She remains with you until 1 week before she is due to
have the pups then she comes and lives with us until the pups are weaned at about 6 weeks.  Then,
she goes back to you!  After we have finished using her in our breeding program (at around 5 years
of age) she will be spayed at our cost and  you will then get full ownership of the dog- for free!
Standard Poodles can live up to 15 years of age.

A female will come into season about every 6-9 months, but we do not necessarily breed her every
season.  This is a way for us to keep the BEST females from each litter, and then only breed the
best of the best.  

The advantage for the female is that when she is no longer in our breeding program she does not
need to be placed in a new home at an age when it would be more difficult for her - she is already
home! This is a very important point for the dog. Standard Poodles do sometimes have a difficult
time adjusting to a new home as an adult. We have found that the foster program has been the key
to avoiding this difficult transition for the adult girls. Naturally we would LOVE to keep all of the
girls who retire from our breeding program but that is just not a healthy for us or them!!!

Who Qualifies for a Foster Dog?

We are very selective of who we choose to become a foster family. Our primary concern is that
our dogs go into safe, healthy homes where they will be well taken care of and not get run over by
a car or allowed to escape and get lost.

We have very specific criteria we are looking for in our foster families:
  • Families must be located with a reasonable drive to the Fraser Valley in BC Canada.
    (Vancouver Island is a possibility too!)
  • They must have some previous dog experience.
  • Must feed a quality dog food approved by Paris Poodles.
  • Will obedience train the puppy and will keep the dog socialized throughout its life so it
    approaches strangers with confidence and in a socially acceptable manner.
  • Will not to let the dog/puppy run free where it can be accidentally bred, harmed, stolen or
  • Inform us at the beginning of each heat
  • Will keep unaltered dogs away from the puppy/dog.
  • Agrees to return the dog to Paris Poodles for whelping, and for breeding.
  • Agrees to take the dog/ puppy to the vet if the dog/puppy has been injured or has any signs
    of illness will inform Paris Poodles if the dog gets sick or injured.
  • Agrees to send up-to-date pictures of the foster dog and allow us to post those pictures on
    our website.
  • Agrees that after the dog/puppy is no longer needed for breeding by Paris Poodles the dog
    will be sexually altered by the vet of Paris Poodles' choosing at Paris Poodles' cost.
  • We expect the foster parents to allow the dogs to be in the house dogs. We do not give dogs
    to people that want farm dogs, nor do we give dogs to people who are going to keep them
    strictly as an outside kennel dog.
  • Give accurate progress reports of the dogs health & development.

We will do a home check and ask many questions about the care our girl is going to receive.  
If you have another dog it is still possible to foster.  If your dog is female, is good with other dogs
and has been sexually altered this is possible.  

What are the Foster Family's Responsibilities?

You are not paying for the dog, but you still have to take TOP NOTCH care of it.  This means
general vet care, flea treatments, worming, grooming, obedience training, socializing, love, spoiling,
good food, etc etc etc.


  • You get the best dog Paris Poodles has to offer.  You will be living with our 'pick of the litter'.
  • This will mean the most stable, most friendly, most even tempered dog in the litter and
    hopefully the one who is most beautiful.
  • You get a fully health tested dog, and you don't have to pay for the test yourself!
  • Many of the puppies will be kept here for one extra month, until she is at least 12 weeks
    old.  This extra month will be packed with training, love, attention.  The pup will come crate
    trained, leash trained, training started with Sit, Down, Stay, Come already well underway!  
    This type of training is very expensive.  Many trainers charge $1000 dollars a week for
    "Board N Train" and your pup will get a month of this free!


  • You have to deal with heat cycles. Heat cycles are very similar to human females periods
    except they only go into heat every 6-9 months.  
  • You MUST keep a close watch on our girl during her heat cycle to ensure she isn't  bred by a
    dog who 'jumps the fence' - If this were to happen, we would take the girl back to our home!
  • Your baby girl will have to leave you for a few months, several times during her life.  Of
    course, the dog will be well cared for when here but still, there will be an absence from your

Our foster program is not for everyone... but for those families it suites it has been a very
rewarding experience for both them and the foster dog! We have built fantastic friendships with
foster families  over 10 plus years that we have had our Foster Program.... and the dogs are the
ones who benefit the most from this experience.

Please keep in mind the following:

You will be required to sign and abide by our contract. Our contract is non-negotiable- and we will
enforce the contract should the need arise.

If you chose not to follow our contract you will be required to return our foster dog to us. Please
read it carefully and understand what you are agreeing to!  You
will not have the option of
purchasing the dog should you change your mind and not want to adhere to the terms of the

The purpose of the foster arrangement is so the foster dog has the very best life has to offer!
That is why we have a very specific contract that all the foster families must follow. Failure to
follow the contract can cause undue stress on everyone involved... Most importantly the dog!

Before considering fostering think long term and consider how having a foster dog will impact your
life.  Can you commit to this process? Will you train the dog? Do you have the skills and resources in
place to mold her into a good doggy citizen?

If you are only looking for a
short term commitment Paris Poodles Foster program isn't for you.
However, there are some fantastic rescue foster programs which are always looking for loving
homes to temporarily care for dogs until suitable permanent homes can be found.  Please contact
your local humane society or animal shelter and volunteer!

Please feel free to ask us questions! We are happy to furnish references from past foster
families so they tell you about their experiences with fostering for us.
If you are interested please contact us for more information!  
Approval of a foster family is an in depth process during which time we expect to get to
know potential families and we usually form good friendships with our foster families!
Our Foster Program
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