Paris Poodles- Our Home & Puppy House
Our Puppy House....

.......Or according to BC Assessments
who is tasked with doing property assessments for property tax purposes)...
Our second residence!  I guess they know us well! :-)
Our puppy house has a full bathroom, a laundry room with a Maytag Front Loading washer and dryers (for the

We have our own state of the art water filtration system (particulate filter, Carbon filter and UV light).

Our home is fully equipped with an Automatic Transfer Switch for a very powerful generator in case we ever
lose power so the puppies will remain warm and healthy.  (They power goes out for a few days per year
during wind storms)

We have 5 bedrooms for the puppies with a sealed concrete run off each.

It is a beautiful, very sanitary and spacious facility.

We also have a large partially treed and cleared fenced area where our adults can run or just hang out. (Our
neighbour calls it our Poodle Habitat) It is almost 400 feet area just for them.
(We are in the process of fencing a second area)  
We have an amazing home and breeding facility.  When the tax assessors came
to assess our property they mistook our puppy house for a second residence!
This photo is of our home and detached two car garage. The Puppy House is to
the right of the garage and cannot be seen in this photo because of the trees.

This photo was taken from the peak of one of the local mountains.... Using a
telephoto lens! This photo shows about 2 acres of our 11 acre property.  We
border on crown land on two sides.... Lots of space for us to play!  
square feet. With beautiful 8 inch
timbers, vaulted great room.  Lots
of space for humans and dogs alike!
Our Panoramic View
The full bathroom in the
puppy house... Complete
with shower, pedestal
sink and toilet. If only we
could train the dogs to
use the toilet.....
Front load washer and dryer for the
fleece blankets, and plush cotton towels.
tanks.  One for the hot water we use in
the puppy house... Bathing dogs etc...
The other is for the in-floor heat.  

The blue tanks to the left are the water
filtration system.  
The automatic transfer
switch for the
generator.  Our home is
sufficient in case of an
Our Puppy House also has its own
septic system so our dog waste will
not contaminate the soil.... We believe
in being as environmentally friendly
as possible!

(Sorry... no photo!!!)
Our Stainless Steel bathing tub.  
Elevated for our comfort and the panel to the left
slides out so the ramp (stored under the tub) can allow
the dogs to walk safely in and out of the tub. The
bottom of the tub has a removable grate so the dogs
do not stand in the dirty soapy water as it drains.
One of the bedrooms.  

And our white deep freeze.  Where
keep our chicken for our home made
dog meals
Notice the little puppy
Molly teasing the other
puppies through the door!
A child once asked us,
"How did the dog walk on the wall?"
Individual Bedrooms.  During the
day our adult dogs are outside in
the Poodle Habitat.  But we put
them in the run for the photos so
you could see how large each
room is.  Plenty of indoor space!
Each room has a Kuranda dog Bed
and a fleece blanket!   
Ample lighting.  Each light
fixture puts out 300 watts.  
There are four of them in
the Bedroom area.
All the concrete is sealed for ease of cleaning.... Oh!  Yes... and we have a
red commercial grade electric pressure washer. Sanitation is important!
Each room has its own run outside.  We looked at many
commercially available solutions for dog doors to the outside.  
Finally we came up with our own idea!  Individual insulated
garage doors custom made for the 3 feet high by 18 inch
wide openings.  Each door is manually raised and lowered by a
metal wire with a wood handle.  We were a source of
entertainment for many garage door companies who refused
to take on our unique project.  Finally we found a company
willing to custom build and install our mini garage doors.
My Office.....

We have two windows
above my desk so I can
watch the puppies while
The kitchen... Fridge.... Microwave and
sink... oh yes... and a TV on the fridge....
We haven't mounted it on the wall yet.
The sofa.... Also known
as my bed when our
girls have new babies!
Paris Poodles is situated on 11 Mountain Acres dedicated to the indigenous species of
Bald Eagles, Columbian Black Tailed Deer, Black Bear (Ursus Americanus), raccoons and of
course Paris Poodles! We have cross fenced several areas so our dogs have a lot of room to
explore and run. Our neighbour was so impressed with the amount of area dedicated to our
dogs that he dubbed the areas 'Poodle Habitat'.  
Poodle Habitat after a dusting of snow!
Columbian Black Tailed Deer passing through the
Poodle Habitat-  We have a lot of Deer that call
Paris Poodles home too! They come and go as they
please and seem very undisturbed by the curly dogs!
The Guardian.... Not a poodle...
Just don't tell her that....   
This photo is from the top
of another local mountain
looking down at our
(the property is Circled in
black... The top right of the
property has a white dot
property has a white dot
which is our home!)
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We have our adjustable height
grooming table and several good
quality clippers...
Puppy Enrichment Areas!
Paris Poodles "Puppy Development Program" is based on both the latest advancements in
understanding neural development, as well as Paris Poodles very own tried and true methods of
socializing and imprinting.
More photos of our Enrichment Areas and our Puppy Confidence Course to follow!
Our organic lawn mowers!
with our horse!