Nelly's Parents are:
My Girl
Nelly is fully kennel trained in house, car
& motorcycle (took her to Bella Coola
and we met a bear!)

Nelly is completely settled in to the
routines of our lives.

We've now met 3 Paris poodles in the

You are producing fine dogs. Great Job!

She's GREAT!
Nelly lives in Vancouver with
Steve! This is what Steve
says about Nelly:

Nelly 'Graduated' from her
Beginners class at the
Vancouver Dog Obedience
Club with Stanly Coren.

We took 4th in a class of
Nelly is running several kms with a
bicycle a day in the park and lots of
puppy/dog play/interaction.

She familiar with big city!
  • Sidewalks,
  • buses,
  • traffic,
  • people,
  • meetings,
  • stores.

Nelly is calm but not quite "bomb