Paris Poodles Juno
Juno is being fostered by Ann and lives with
her mom Penny! Ann does a fantastic job
with these girls!!!

This is what she says about Juno:

Penny and Juno are great.

Juno is still growing, full of energy and
curiosity. We've been taking a basic
obedience class with the Vancouver Dog
Obedience Training Club; Stanley Coren is
teaching our class. Juno does well and is
working hard at focusing on what's required
while being around a lot of other dogs and

She has lots of drive and a nice,
competitive quality: she always knows when
she's the first dog to follow a cue

We will start classes for CKC obedience
trials after Christmas and, all being well,
hope to enter her first trial sometime in the

It's amazing to see how much Juno is like
Penny! The similarity between them is
remarkable to me. It looks like Juno will be
the same size as Penny when she's finished
growing and filling out. Her rich brown coat
is starting to silver over her back, just as
Penny's did, but while Penny's fur is dense
and tightly curly, Juno's fur is a little finer
and wavier. Penny's fur tends to matt, but
I've yet to find a single matt on Juno. I think
she'll look fantastic with a shaggy coat.
While Penny rarely barks at anyone or
anything, Juno considers the job of watch
dog to be hers. So, she's a bit noisier than
Penny, but being just as smart and eager to
learn, it hasn't been any problem to teach
working on Sue Ailsby's Training Levels with
both dogs at home and, as usual, I take
one of them with me to church meetings
most weeks.
Juno's Parents:
Dad: Tex                          Mom: Penny