Paris Poodles Tova
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Tova - in Hebrew it means "good,
pleasing" and in Norse it means
"beautiful thunder" is a blue Sable CKC
Her coloring is a sable. When the coat
is short she looks like a dark
blue/black but as her coat gets longer
she goes silver!
Tova is being fostered on Vancouver Island
by Jan and her small pack of dogs and other
animals. Tova fits in well with her pack.
Tova and Jan have completed their
"teen puppy" classes - Jan reports that
learned quite a bit and Tova had a great
time playing with the other pups.

The trainer's assessment of Tova,
"very sweet temperament, gentle, high
energy, somewhat reactive," and of
course " very smart".  

Tova's "reactivity" would have made
her a good "alarm" dog - she alerts her
foster mother to everything, ie: cat
wants in or out, Kimo gets up from his
bed, person walks by, telephone rings,
etc. It appears she is the watchdog for
her foster family's pack - used to be
Daisy, but Daisy doesn't bother now
that Tova does it. Sounds like this girl
doesn't miss a thing!
Tova's parents are:
Dad: Horatio
Mom: Ashes
(Therapy Dog)
Inbreeding COI is: less than 1%
Health Testing:

  • Hips: OFA Excellent
  • Blood Panel Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Heart- Normal

Inbreeding COI less than 1%
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Tova is a remarkable girl!!!