Paris Poodles Heather
AKC and Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Heather's inbreeding COI: less than 1% (0.02%)
Heather is our exceptional phantom
marked Standard Poodle. She is a
purebred Registerd Standard Poodle
with the recessive gene for Phantom
markings (Which look like Doberman
Pincher Markings)
Oh! Look at that
pregnant belly in the
She heard a bee stuck under the tree
branch! She was incredibly fascinated
by the weird sound the branch was
making! She probably stood there for
2 minutes watching the branch buzz!
What a funny girl!
What a beautiful girl. She is a very social
girl. She is very attached to her foster
family! She loves her humans a lot!

She is also very social with other dogs.
Heather can jump a 6 foot fence from a
standstill without touching the top of the
fence! The first time we watched this we
did a double take and made her do it
again. After that she would jump over
the fence and prance over to us proud as
can be because she thought we WANTED
her to jump it! Fences now only contain
her when she wants to be contained! She
has also mastered opening gates and
doors! She is a brilliant dog!