Paris Poodles "Dusty"
who has a very mellow guy who loves
everyone he meets.  

He socializes like a true Gentleman
with all Dogs (Big and Small) and is
wonderful with children.  

Dusty is  the definition of laid back!  
Dusty has a textbook perfect gait and
conformation. He has a completely
balanced stride and moves his thick
muscled body effortlessly.

This guys has the body of an athlete and
the most stable temperament.  

What a guy!  

Hips: OFA Good
Eyes: Normal
Blood Panel: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Skin: Clear

Dusty is biologically a cream
and white parti poodle. Dusty
carries for EVERY Color-
Including Parti and Phantom!  
Dusty has also passed our temperament, personality,
and working drive tests with flying colors.  
Dusty's inbreeding COI is less than 1% (10 Generations)
Dusty is registered with the American Kennel Club and the Canadian Kennel Club
This boy
has muscles!
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