The Paris Poodle Development Program
Paris Poodles - The Development Program
begins the Day they are born!

Note the eyes and ears are closed. The most
functional sense is smell. We use this to our
advantage and expose the puppies to a lot of
new scents. We are imprinting their brains to
associate new scents in a positive way!
3 weeks.
We allow the weaning process to go completely
naturally! This makes a much healthier pup.  

Paris Poodle moms eat a natural diet and will
regurgitate food for the puppies to eat as she
slowly weans them off her milk.
This is an important time for the pups as this is when they
begin learning social rules.  It is extremely important that
they remain together for a few more weeks. They have a
lot of social development to do in the next few weeks!
By this time all the pups have had many baths and have been clipped several times.  We bath, clip, and cut the
nails of all the pups regularly not only to keep them clean but to get them accustomed to the experience.  The
sooner they are exposed to these activities the more readily they will accept grooming as they get older.

We also progress to the imprinting tracking,scent detection, and obedience, as well as socialization to both
environmental stressors and strangers.

Training and socialization is conducted in fields, forests, through rivers, swamps, puddles, standing and running
water, over varied terrain - from snow to asphalt up and down stairs, through buildings, over bridges, under
tunnels and through drainage pipes, and over, under, and through any other natural or man-made obstacle we

We never ignore the pup's desire for human companionship and physical activity.  

Our puppies are also played with both as a group and individually many times throughout the day!
2 weeks. Eyes open. They are then
introduced visually to new things!
Six weeks old

4 weeks.

5 weeks.
7 months old
1 week old.
4 months old
Paris Poodles "Puppy Development Program" is based on both the latest advancements in
understanding neural development, as well as Paris Poodles very own tried and true methods
of socializing and imprinting.

Starting at an extremely young age we use neural stimulation to increase our puppy's capacity
for stress, as well as increasing their immune system.
Obedience is conducted in real life situations. Our dogs are proofed from distractions such as other dogs, farm
animals and loud city environments.

We conduct our training in all weather conditions. We expect our dogs to be able to focus on us during all
distractions. We don't expect our dogs to only be able to work in a sterile environment so we don't train in one.
These puppies, who can't see, are being
exposed to the smell of felines! Many of these
puppies will live with cats and therefore are
exposed to them at a very young age!
The goal achieved!

These dogs completely accept their feline family!
Extensive daily
exposure to
7 weeks old! The ideal time to join their new families!
Advanced Training in Paris Poodles Development Program

Select individuals from our breeding program are retained for further training in our Development Program. They
graduate from puppy imprint training to full fledged training: obedience, tracking, agility, article indication, vehicle
and building searches, and continued general socialization to differing environments, animal species and people.

Everything from wilderness adventures to city life is experienced by our pups well before the age of 12 months.
Dogs who pass our extensive
Development Program may then
go on to be the future of our
breeding program.

We only keep the very, very best!
When the puppies learn to walk they are introduced to
varied surfaces and textures to develop stabilizer muscles
and teach their brains how to negotiate varied surfaces.
Grandma Raven!!!

One of our biggest assets is
Grandma Raven. She is a very
patient girl who loves puppies!

Grandma Raven is a 10 year
old gal who teaches little
puppies how to play and
manners! (as every good
grandmother does!)

She is amazing at her job....
she loves the puppies and she
politely and carefully teaches
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Sometimes first time mother dogs are too harsh or too gentle, not
correcting their puppies enough.  Grandma Raven knows exactly
how much correction is required to help mold the little ones into
good doggy citizens.
At 7 weeks old a professional dog trainer,
who is very familiar with dogs and their
development, performs individual
temperament tests on each puppy.

Each puppy is tested in multiple areas.
Using the results of the tests we are able
to confirm what we have been observing
over the hundreds of hours we have been
spending with each puppy.

A copy of the Paris Poodles Puppy
Personality Profile is given to the puppy's
new family. These results are very helpful
for the puppy's new trainer to get a quick
picture of the puppy's temperament and
the superior trainers can then tailor a
training program specific to that puppy!
The Paris Poodles Puppy Personality Profile enables the Professional Dog trainer and new puppy family to be
able to finish the training that Paris Poodles has worked diligently to towards in the first 7-8 weeks of that puppy's
life. Paris Poodles is always happy to speak with the Professional Dog trainers to ease this transition to ensure a
successful and seamless transition!