This contract is between, ________________, hereafter known as seller, and___________________________________________________,
hereafter known as buyer.

Some of the following terms of this contract are negotiable, and any modifications shall be listed under the heading of "Other" and must be signed by
all parties. All modifications shall take the precedence over the provision(s) it replaces.

1.        Seller offers a pet quality Standard Poodle for _________
 Price includes GST and PST if applicable (the "dog").

2.        Seller will provide to the buyer clear title to and full ownership of the dog once proof of neuter is received by the seller.

3.        Identifying information of the dog is as follows:

Whelp date:

Sex:                Color:                       Microchip ID:  



4.        Seller guarantees the dog is sound.

This dog has been examined by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine licensed to practice in Canada.  His assessment of this dog is that he is healthy.  This
dog has received his/her first set of puppy vaccinations. It is strongly suggested that the buyer apply flea and mite control product on the dog. It is also
suggest that the buyer abides by his or her veterinarians worming recommendations.  

This dog has been sold with the understanding that this dog will be sexually altered. Dogs must be spay/neutered before the age 6 months. Failure to
do so will void any health guarantee by seller and may result in legal action against the buyer.

5.        Deposit:
A fee of $250.00 is required to hold a specific puppy pre-birth.  If fee has already been paid by buyer, it will be deducted from the purchase price of
this puppy. If a puppy is not available from that litter the deposit will be transferred to the next available litter. If buyer changes his mind or buys a
puppy elsewhere after seller receives the fee, no refund will be offered. Fees retained will be used for care and advertising of puppy, until a suitable
placement can be arranged.

6.        Airfare and Shipping.
Purchase price does not include cost of shipping. Shipping costs will be borne by buyer, unless otherwise specified.

Shipping cost includes Health Certificate, Airline Kennel, and Cost of Ticket.
All Shipping cost must be paid in advance. Health Certificate is for Airline use only. Buyer must still complete #8 of this contract.

7. Spay/Neuter:
The buyer agrees that the dog WILL BE spayed or neutered PRIOR to the pup turning 6 months old. Failure to do so will void any health guarantee by
seller.  Canadian Kennel Club registration and pedigree will be withheld until proof of neutering is received by the seller.

8. Heath Guarantee:
Vet Check Requirement.  It is buyer's responsibility to have the dog examined by a vet within 3 days of receipt, to provide assurance of good health
and as a base line for future veterinary reference. If, during this 3 day period, dog is determined to have any contagious disease or undisclosed major
defect, the dog can be immediately returned to the seller and the puppy will be replaced by the next available puppy of equal value.  This guarantee
does not include minor parasites such as fleas, mites, worms, Coccidia, Giardia, ear mites, or yeast in the eyes which can be common and easily
transmitted through various sources.  The seller has taken all reasonable precautions to avoid such parasites however the sources of these parasites
are vast and due to the extensive socialization of the pups prior to sale, the pups may inadvertently be exposed to these parasites- this is NOT an
indication of poor animal husbandry.

This dog will be free of congenital hip dysplasia and will be clear from Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) for the first two years of the dogs life.

If this dog is found to show clinical signs of lameness and is then assessed by the OFA to be dysplastic (Mild, Moderate, Severe) a puppy of equal
value will be offered to the buyer at the seller’s convenience. (The puppy need not be returned to the seller but the seller will take the puppy back
should the buyer choose this option). Copy of the OFA assessment must be submitted to the seller. OFA X-Ray must be taken before the dog turns 30
months. The buyer agrees to not over feed the dog or subject it to excessive exercise especially before 12 months of age.

If this dog is found to have developed PRA before his/her second birthday a puppy of equal value will be offered to the buyer at the seller’s
convenience. This diagnosis must be submitted in writing from a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine certified to practice in Canada.  The seller reserves
the right to have the dog assessed by a vet of her choosing prior to offering a replacement dog.  (The affected puppy need not be returned to the
seller but the seller will take the puppy back should the buyer choose this option).

The seller will at no time be responsible for medical expenses, testing costs, taxes, customs duties, international quarantine costs or shipping costs for
this animal.  

A note about Dysplasia in Dogs from the OFA:
”No one can predict when or even if a dysplastic dog will start showing clinical signs of lameness due to pain. There are multiple environmental factors
such as caloric intake, level of exercise, and weather that can affect the severity of clinical
signs and phenotypic expression (radiographic changes). There is no rhyme or reason to the severity of radiographic changes correlated with the
clinical findings. There are a number of dysplastic dogs with severe arthritis that run, jump, and play as if nothing is wrong and some dogs with barely
any arthritic radiographic changes that are severely lame.”

9. General Care:
Eat, Drink, and Exercise!:  Buyer agrees to feed only a quality meat based dog food and/or Raw/Cooked meals. It should be noted by the buyer that
Bloat is the number one killer of the Standard Poodle.  It is strongly suggested that the buyer should research the risk factors for Bloat to be able to
minimize the risk to your animal.  Fresh water shall be given at all times.  A secure exercise space and shelter will be provided. Buyer agrees to NOT
allow this dog to run free without proper supervision for any reason. Buyer also agrees not to use this dog for research, breeding or dog fighting.

Vet Care:  Buyer agrees to give proper and prompt veterinary care and have this dog seen by a Veterinarian at least once a year for an annual
checkup.  Buyer agrees to check into the option of titer testing as a way to cut down on yearly boosters.  

10. Grooming:
Buyer understands Poodles are a HIGH MAINTENANCE breed, requiring professional grooming every 6-8 weeks for the life of the dog with an average
cost of 70.00 dollars each grooming.  Buyer is willing and able to have their dog groomed or has the knowledge and equipment to groom the dog

11. Socialization:
It is strongly recommended that the Buyer attend one class of puppy kindergarten and one 8-week course of obedience with a qualified instructor.
Clicker Training or other motivational training is HIGHLY recommended.

12. Temperament:
Seller guarantees this dog's temperament to be sound at the time of sale and that it has received correct training and socialization for its age. The
seller takes no responsibility for behavioral abnormalities which develop in the dog due to lack of training, discipline, and socialization after the time of

Refunds/replacements are not offered in that situation but the seller will take the dog back if the owner so desires or try to assist Buyer in finding
another buyer for the dog.

13. Buyer agrees to keep seller notified of current address and phone number.
Buyer will contact Seller by Email, Phone, or Written Letter and give any updated information. Pictures and cute stories always welcome!  

14. Right of First Refusal.
In the event that Buyer should ever decide that he/she can no longer keep this Poodle for any reason, Seller shall have the right of first refusal.

Seller will ALWAYS take any dog back that a home cannot keep. A partial refund of purchase price is not required but may be offered at the seller’s

Buyer shall NEVER turn this dog over to the Humane Society or an animal shelter of any kind. Dog must be returned to Seller or held until Seller can
make arrangements for pick up. All cost incurred during transport are borne by Buyer.

Buyer agrees NEVER to sell this dog to retailers, dealers, and wholesalers, puppy mills, or used for breeding, auction, research, or dog fighting.

15.  Buyer agrees that Seller is not responsible for the actions or safety of this dog, once it leaves Seller's possession.  

Buyer further agrees to indemnify Seller from any costs that results from such actions.

16. Other:  

All provisions in this contract are designed to safeguard the dog, the breed in general and/or the community, and as such, violation of any provision will
cause damage to seller's reputation. Failure to comply with any provision will result in return of the dog to seller.

This contract shall be deemed legally binding and is subject to the laws of Province of British Columbia. If any provision of the Agreement is or
becomes void or unenforceable by force or operation of law, the other provisions shall
remain valid and enforceable.

The entire Agreement between the parties is contained herein.
I, we, the buyer(s) hereby certify that we have read and agree to this contract, understand its contents and have entered into this agreement freely,
being legally able to do so:

Buyer's name (print): __________________________________________________________
City________________ Province:______ Postal Code:____________
Email: __________________________________________

Buyer Signed: ________________________________________date:____________________

Seller Signed: ________________________________________date:____________________

Mailing Address:
Suite# 224
8-6014 Vedder Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R5P5
Our Contract
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