Paris Poodles Contact Information!!!
Due to our active lifestyle,
We prefer initial contact to be via E-Mail.  

Please feel free to contact us at any time!!!

We understand that it has become customary
in this day and age to reply to e-mails within 24 hours.  

However, We live away from the hustle and bustle of typical city life and We tend to
take longer to reply to e-mails than most.
We appreciate your patience.  

If your e-mail has not received a reply one week after you
have sent it please re-send it as it may not have arrived.  

Our foster families, our puppy families and those who have
secured their spot on our wait list are always welcome to
phone us day or night.  If we aren't within the range of a
cell phone tower (yes... We hike in very remote locations at
times!) the call will be returned as soon as possible!  As you
know.....You guys are ALWAYS our top priority!!!

Thank-you for your interest in our breeding and training

All the best,
The Humans and Canines of
Paris Poodles!
We are always very happy to
receive correspondence from
folks around the world.
There are a few reasons for this:

Our Internet access is via Satellite and thus far has
proven to be slow, cumbersome and at times

Therefore, we have made part of our routine to visit
town once or twice per week to check our e-mails and
send correspondence over the much faster connection
at Internet Café shops.  

Therefore we apologize for the length of time it may
take for us to reply to your enquiry.  

Summer times may also be slower.

The summer also finds us pre-occupied with our
mountaineering activities.

Our dogs thrive on our activity filled Summers.... As do

You will notice a direct correlation between good
weather and delays in e-mail correspondence.  However,
on rainy days keep an eye out for website updates with
the latest photos of our adventures!
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Our Paris Poodles E-mail has had a virus for the past two or
so months and we are no longer able to retrieve or send
E-Mails from our account.

Until we are able to reactivate our Paris Poodles E-Mail
account families who have one of our dogs can call or text
us at the phone number provided you on your paperwork.