Paris Poodles Cléa
bilingual foster family in Port Moody BC.
Although she responds best to French she
can also understand English commands.

She is a very smart girl!

Cléa is definitely a calm dog but enjoys
playing with her human kids!  

Cléa is very loyal to her human family but
also enjoys the company of other dogs.  

Cléa is a really social dog. She loves
playing with other dogs and always
manages to win them over!  Many times
owners will say their dogs don't like other
dogs but Cléa surprises them and she
teaches them to play. She is a popular dog
at the dog park!

Cléa has fantastic drives and really enjoys
fetching and will hunt for toys.
Cléa as a puppy!
Cléa is a very sweet and calm dog.
She is a very well behaved dog.

  • Hips OFA Good (1089955WJ)
  • Blood Panel Normal
  • Thyroid Normal
  • Eyes- Normal
  • Heart- Normal
  • vWd clear by parentage

Inbreeding COI less than 1%
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
Cléa's parents are:
Mom: Ashes
(Therapy Dog)
Dad: Horatio
Canadian Kennel Club Registered
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