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Canine Health
    Ear Health.

    The first thing to learn about ANY floppy eared dog is that air does not circulate well in a floppy ear.  This means your floppy eared
    friend needs you to attend to his ears.  If you ignore the ears he will eventually get an ear infection.  

    More about Ear Care click here
    Getting hip x-rays is the trend of the day.  I tell people that unless you are going to breed your dog don't waste your money
    getting your dogs hips x-rayed (unless your dog shows signs of being lame).  

    Hip dysplasia is actually not very common in the Standard Poodle.  According to the OFA (orthopedic foundation for
    animals) only about 10% of x-rays they have viewed show visual indications of dysplasia (which cannot even guarantee
    your dog has hip dysplasia).

    More on HIP DYSPLASIA:
    Diet is one of the most critical things to mind when raising your dog.  It is also one of the most controversial.  We, at
    Paris Poodles, feed Orijen dog food. We have found this works well for our dogs.  There are so many different dog
    foods available that it is overwhelming.  If you ask your vet what to feed you dog he will likely tell you to purchase
    something his office sells.  So what to do?  I suggest doing your own research and then feeding what gives you results...
    shinny coat, firm small poop, shinny eyes, lot of energy, healthy skin, clean teeth.  The key is to make sure you dogs diet
    is balanced yet the protein comes from a meat source. Not a plant source.

    Just because you dog food is approved or meets the CVMA Pet Food Certification Program (In Canada) or the
    American Association of Feed Control Officials or AAFCO (In the USA) does not mean it is good enough to feed you
    dog!  There are a lot of poor quality dog foods which meet those standards!  Don't be fooled!

    Good Article on Nutrition
Hybrid Vigor Explained click here!
There is a mis-conception that a cross-bred dog is healthier than a purebred. In truth a
cross-bred dog can have all the health problems that BOTH breeds have instead of just one
The Standard Poodle is one
of the
healthiest and longest
lived breeds of dogs.
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The truth about tails and dew claws!
    Health Tests for Breeding Poodles

    Health Testing for dogs has become all the rage. In many ways it is good that the importance of some health testing has
    become so well publicised. However, like anything it can be abused.

    Health testing has become a marketing tool for some breeders. We have seen websites where the breeding dogs have
    been tested for diseases that are not found in the breed!

    With very few exceptions Health Testing only indicates that the dog tested is healthy (or not) on the day of the test and
    does not indicate if the offspring will be healthy. Many disorders and diseases also don't appear until AFTER the dog is
    well past the breeding age.

    Click here to learn about Health testing

    We do believe in vaccinating dogs but please do vaccinate responsibility.  

    Over vaccinating dogs can lead to organ issues (Liver, kidney) and autoimmune diseases!

    Progressive vets DO NOT advocate annual vaccinations any more!

    Click here to read the recommended vaccination schedule from the American Veterinarian Association:

    Vaccinations should be only be given to healthy dogs. If you bring your poodle to the veterinarian because she's not
    feeling well, don't give her any shots while you're there, even if it would be more convenient.

    Do not stress the immune system by combining shots with surgery.

    Please Read about Poodles and Vaccinations!
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