Paris Poodles "Blue Belle"
Belle is a very co-ordinated girl!  

We have seen Standard Poodles
hop on their hind legs... which is
WALK on her back legs!  In this
WALK on her back legs!  In this
photo you can see she is only on
one leg... the other is taking a

She also is great at jumping!  

She LOVES to snuggle just like
her daughter Ashes!
Belle on the left with her best poodle friend Sophie
who takes co-ordination and agility to a whole
new level!

At 4 years old she has fantastic hips, Clear
eyes, no evidence of SA, Vwd clear, blood
test all clear!  

Belle is a healthy intelligent BEAUTIFUL blue
colored Standard Poodle!

Belle is the mother of Ashes.
This girl is NOT inbred!
10-generation Inbreeding COI 0.57%
We couldn't be happier with this
girl.  She produces exceptional

Belle has a very colorful family tree
including Parti, Phantom, Silvers,
Blues, Browns, Apricots..... !
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