Paris Poodles Bailey!
Paris Poodles Bailey!

It isn't too often you find perfection!
But with Bailey we really have. She is a
very kind girl who completely enjoys the
company of her humans. She expresses
her deep love for her people very
clearly and is so very devoted!

Bailey also has fantastic agility! She is
willing to try and jump anything,
anywhere... Anytime!!!
Bailey will watch TV programs with us and gets excited or nervous during the scary
parts and snuggle closer when she watches people being sad.  She learns her cues
from humans so very well.  She is even learning to read Horse language which is much
more subtle than human or canine. Brilliant?  Yes, she is!
Bailey is a brown color which has silvered out to a warm root-beer! She is beautiful,
intelligent, solid built and turns heads where ever she goes! No one can seem to
believe she is a poodle!

Many brown poodles have light eyes. Although hers are lighter than black or white
poodles they are dark for a brown poodle.
We are delighted to
share our home with such
an exquisite creature.....
And yes, she loves to ride shotgun.. she is always paying
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