Ashes stopping to
take a drink from our
Artesian Spring pond.
Paris Poodles Ash Leigh Ann
Ashes  is our stunning blue female.  
Ashes has an amazing temperament.

Nothing bothers this girl! She will go up and
investigate ANYTHING new.  

Ashes is registered with the American Kennel
Club and the Canadian Kennel Club.  
Ashes COI is 2.26% (10 generations)
Born: May 17 2005
Mom: Blue Belle
Ashes' parents!
Dad: Zander
Some of Ashes' Kids!

Ashes is a member of BC Pets & Friends Society which meant she is qualified to be part of
a dog & handler team that visit hospitals, seniors facilities, prisons, schools, etc.

Ashes is a part of the R.E.A.D. Program (Reading Education Assistance Dog) through
InterMountain Therapy Dog Society in Utah.

Ashes and her human mom, Allice, are a registered READ team and part of a group in the
lower mainland called "Paws4Reading".

Ashes loves this work!  It seems to be her vocation.  She knows (intuits) what each
individual child needs from her & then she gives it ...she'll sit 2 feet away from a child who
may be uncertain of dogs, she'll wrestle, joyfully, on the floor with the child who has been
chronically bullied, she'll rest her head in the lap of a shy child, etc. etc. etc.

Visits are weekly, same day, same time & same kids throughout the school year.  And the
results are wonderful in terms of childrens' read aloud growth & in terms of the childrens'
confidence, self-esteem &, in some cases, the ability to overcome a lifelong fear of dogs!

Ashes is "bombproof" around things like automatic doors, walkers, wheelchairs, canes,
oxygen tanks, things that 'beep", weird smells, funny floors, you-name-it!
Tova (left) and Cléa (right) are
Ashes' daughters who are in our
foster program and will have babies
for us in 2012!
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