What Natalia says about Agneishka:

Both dogs have become are really good friends :-) Actually Agneishka is the
boss :-). On the 3rd day, when she is appear in our house (Monday), Charley
played with her may be too hard, she start to cry and after that she "didn't
speak with him" about 4 hours. She just ignored him, didn't see him at all.
She proudly walk near him and even didn't give him a look. It was so funny,
she was like "a little princess" and he was a "Simple Simon". He had
impression on his face "what did I do? I will not do it any more, why she
doesn't play with me, let's play, let's play ", but she kept a distance as I
say about 4 hours and suddenly jump on him from under the porch start baking
on him and jump vertically on all her 4 legs, like a small Bambi. Charley
was so happy, that she forgive him and after that he play with her "with her
rules". If she doesn't play with him, he leave her along and wait when she
have a mood to play :-) That all our news.
Paris Poodles Agneishka
Agneishka (aka Agnes) lives in
Vancouver with her foster family!

Agneishka is bilingual with English
and Russian... very skilled girl. :-)
Agneishka and
Charley sleep under
the table in our